Principles of Game Based Learning

James Paul Gee discussed 13 principles of game based learning divided into 3 categories:

Empowering Learners – Autonomy

Nobody learns anything unless they want to and it has value to them. You can try to “scare them” into it… but that will always be a short term effect. Empower students to learn and they will. Our job is to create the right atmosphere and the right structure for this empowerment to happen intrinsically.

Problem Based Learning – Purpose

Problem solving IS learning. It’s about learning to use problem based learning in your curriculum development so that the instruction has real purpose and value in their learning. This really old article here was written over 15 years ago when I started teaching and fell in love with problem solving as the core concept for my classroom.

Deep Understanding – Mastery

How do we create learning that goes beyond the test? Like I wrote about (over 15 years ago) in Brain Bulimia, we need to start creating learning that lasts past the test. The research shows that “learning” when it does not go deeper, only holds on for 6-12 months. We gotta do something to make it sink in.


This seems pretty similar to AMP, which I stole from here, which was stolen from here. đŸ™‚


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