Overcoming Adversity (week 12)

The pen Tool.

It is the bane of the existance of many a young digital designer. And it is CRITICAL to master. So I want to offer it up as a challenge… Play the pen tool like a videogame. It’s a lot like the tank games where you have to figure out the trajectory of the shell, or the flying through the cavern kind of games. You should be on 1.12 right now, moving toward the self-portrait. Remember, that the vinyl cutter, laser cutter, and other cool tools are around the corner!!!

ALL TECH 1 STUDENTS-START ON THE PEN TOOL PROJECT NOW (1.12). Even if you are not completely done with earlier projects, we need to kind of get unified on our path right now, because this part of the journey is challenging and we should stick together as a group to help each other… Safety in numbers and such. I’m going over the concepts in class since the videos aren’t ready- but you can always use the mac lab videos at the bottom of the project page to get a refresher or to hear the concept explained in another way. Want to see where we are headed??? Check out this collection of student work from Valhalla High School! (and this one). Think it’s only for the normal kids on the west coast??? Check out the gallery of work from students here at SRHS!!! When are YOU going to be ready for the wall??!?!?!?!? (oh, and what you can do with the pen tool goes on, and on, and on… We’ve had some great stuff done here, too!)

VOTE FOR THE ADAM LOGO!– The new Academy Of Digital Arts and Media will be starting next year (possibly this year). This is your opportunity to have a voice in the logo used to represent our classes and academy. Please vote here!

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