$$ or Failure…

You have had the link to the contest for 14 days now… I told you guys Friday and Monday to keep working on the Contest. If it’s not done Monday, The best you can hope for is a “C.” By friday I will not accept them and record a zero.

What gives? School’s out in 5 weeks, not now. You can relax then. I’m really disappointed.

Here’s what I will be checking for next moday/tuesday:

1. Fun Image of your choice (https://brainbuffet.com/2010/04/welcome-back/)
2. Photoshopped image of broken Schwartz (https://brainbuffet.com/2010/04/welcome-back/) – 4/8 update
3. Pin Designs – 6 different designs (https://brainbuffet.com/2010/04/late-to-the-gate/)
4. Photoshop Contest (https://brainbuffet.com/2010/04/late-to-the-gate/)
5- Sony Acid Song- Discussed in class and at https://brainbuffet.com/2010/04/cash-for-schoolwork/

You guys know that you need to check brainbuffet for assignments. We’ve been at this a year now. I have had some extras in class that I didn’t post (sony acid and the pins)- but those are the ones you guys have… the ones I post AND discuss you’re trying to tell me you didn’t know about?

That excuse simply won’t work. Have this stuff ready. You’ll lose a letter grade a day on every project that’s late.

PHOTOSHOP CONTEST INFO: You can upload your own images as long as they’re 10 megs or less. You can see the size of an image in the bottom left of the photoshop document window. You can upload HERE. I want to see your images before you upload- make sure you have it opened and saved. Call me when you have the image on screen and the form filled out and I’ll put in the Testing Center number. My email is SPAM@brainbuffet.com (change “spam” to “rob”).

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  1. these is a really goood image how did u manage to get all the tatoo design on sooo perfectly:)

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