On The Horizon… (week 22)

Some students have been asking to take a break from the tutorials to do some of the projects I’ve done or to develop an idea they have. The answer will continue to be “no.” It’s not at all that I want to be uncooperative or get in the way of your passion- it’s that I kn0w you have to crawl before you can run and most of you simply don’t have the knowledge to follow most of the tutorials out there yet. Remember, once you are finished with the ACA, you have creative freedom in here- you can do anything you want (that’s school appropriate!), but FIRST I want to see you demonstrate mastery of the basics. I will not help you with tasks or skills that are covered in those basic tutorials for the rest of the year- so might as well just really get those under your belt. If it’s in the basic videos- it’s a MUST KNOW SKILL. And thusly, you must know it. 🙂

Also on the horizon- start to work with your images to create mousepads, license plates, keychains, etc… It’s all around the corner once you’re certified. I’ll probably need to send home the letters asking for lab donations soon to purchase more materials. At this point, you’ll just need to pay for whatever you’re using in the lab.

KEEP KNOCKING OUT THOSE TUTORIALS. Everything you need to know to pass the ACA is in those tutorials. Everything you need to know to follow online tutorials is in those videos. Everything you NEED TO KNOW is in those videos. Trust me. I’ve been doing this a long time. Photoshop is AMAZING. Different that Illustrat0r, so it’s not a matter of which one is better. They’re different. And just wait until you learn to combine the two. That’s like Design Ninja zone.

ADVANCED STUDENTS: There’s a new project on the Projects page for Acerage Baseball. They need a logo. Remember that you can substitute an entry for this for ANY project this quarter. And KYLE M. I need to see you for your entry to the alcohol awareness project.

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