It’s not that I haven’t been doing any, it’s just that I neglect to post them. Lately it’s been a lot of web and video experimentation that is difficult to post since the school filters seem to be targeting anything helpful and free lately.

You release your art, you ARE your art… See your reflection?


And by the way, Props to Max M. who had an awesome eagle in one of his images that was the inspiration for this image. And I know the text is horrible, I haven’t been able to see what I want from it yet, and not even sure I like the phrase. This is still a WIP. I may bring the tail down some to make the nose more obvious…

Tweaked tail & Text. Still not perfectly happy with the text. Think I’m comfortable with the image. Read more for a progression of the image.






4 thoughts on “NQLE”

  1. Yes it is! That’s why you see the “nose” pulled down in the final vs. the original… to bring that “face” into view. 🙂

    Good eye, kiddo.

  2. I like when you said the comment “you are your art”. I think that is dead on. Because the art or things you do are a way of exspressing your thoughts or feelings. So if you look at a piece of art done by you there is some message or meaning in it that is symbolic to something in your life.

  3. This comment is inspiring. “You are your art” That means that lots of things you do is a art of some type. That comment is very deep even though its short.

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