Munoz's Image

If you haven’t finished the ACA, then keep working on those tutorials. Every student that has passed it so far that was new to photoshop said that the tutorials and reviews on are what helped them pass. Everything you need to know is in there. You have to DO the projects and REVIEW before taking the test. The practice test seems to be helping some of the students as well.

When done, I’ve added a new project for you. Create your own Desktop Wallpaper. This is a fun project that you can use at home using your own image as desktop wallpaper for your computer- or change it here in the lab for when you work at your machine. Thanks to Mr. Munoz (who has been cranking out some AMAZING work this year. This is not his first featured image.) for today’s example image. I created one using a tutorial on the project page linked above. (Still a WIP- the layout isn’t perfect).

Remember, this is only for those that have FINISHED the earlier projects and passed the ACA!