It’s that time! End of the quarter. This week, you’ll be finishing up your projects, Uploading to the lab, and we will have a chat about your grade. You need to know what you will answer to the following questions:

  • What kind of grade do you deserve this quarter?
  • Why do you believe you deserve this grade?
  • What evidence do you have that demonstrates that you have earned that grade?

This is not about determining if you are better than the person next to you… it’s you against that guy/girl in the mirror. Have you worked your hardest? Have you stayed on task? Have you learned what we were focused on this quarter (Elements and Principles of Art/Design)? Can you use these elements and principles to make your design more appealing or communicative?
If you have given an 80% effort, the BEST you deserve this quarter is a “B.” I don’t care if you’re a brilliant designer- if you’re wasting time in here, and not taking the opportunity to grow, you are not demonstrating excellence.

Likewise, You can’t earn more than a “C” if you’ve only done exactly what was expected of you… There’s nothing above average about only doing what’s expected… you need to have gone above and beyond in either effort, quality, or both.

Review of our Grading Scale: (completely ripped off from The Mac Lab)

5: You Gave it Your All
You tried your best.
4: Great, but…
You tried, but not hard enough.
3: No Second Effort
You really didn’t try very hard.
2: Are You Kidding Me?
You are wasting your time.
0: Who are You?
You didn’t even try.

TODAY’s JOURNAL: What grade do you deserve and why???