So this week, ALL WEEK, we have more standardized testing going on. What’s education come to? Seems we spend more time testing than teaching- no matter we’re falling behind.

Oh well, off my soapbox before I get started…

This week the goal is for you to get into projects 108- 111. These are just fun projects that teach you some of the basic and fun tools in Illustrator without needing the pen tool to create some decent artwork. This is also where you can start really expressing your creativity because I don’t care much what your final project is as long as it uses the tools you were taught in the videos. If I make a robot and you want to make a monkey- that’s great! This class is almost NEVER monkey-see, monkey-do. I want you to try new things and be creative. This class is the only class where you score lower if your answer is exactly what the teacher said, rather than your own spin or perspective on it. Remember, you’re being graded against YOU alone! Rise to meet the challenge and your art will rise to make the project become real.

We have also had some awesome student logos with the first year kids! New gallery coming soon!