Art begins with resistance – at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor. 
Andre Gide 

As I mentioned last week… we’ve had some ugly art. Some of you are experimenting and coming up with really creative logo designs, but others are still holding on to their old patterns of design (which is to say no design at all!)

The projects that seemed so easy for a new kid are the hardest for an experienced designer (like experiments with Line and Shape). Not because the technical part is hard… but because the thought process is hard. If you don’t know much about design you can easily draw 12 lines… but an artist will take the task a little more seriously and want to really express themselves in it.

So here’s the rub: School traditionally teaches you to “get it done” and to work through from rote memorization or to copy what you’ve seen in the past. Your creativity, which was easily accessed when you were a kid, was slowly atrophied as it was ignored in classroom activities. I’m not saying that learning is bad- there are things that you have to learn… but the focus on “sameness” and “being right” can seriously take it’s toll when your creative, unique, and individual ideas are ignored. Let’s change that. 🙂

You’re going to have to “re-learn” how to be creative. Most people think that creativity is something you have to learn. That’s poo. You’re seriously telling me that little kids took some course in the womb to learn how to pretend? Imagination= creativity. Regain your lost imagination. It is simply a skill like anything else.

Make sure that in the projects you’re not just trying to “get done” or “learn illustrator.” These are creative projects. The secret ingredient to good design is a good idea. Doesn’t matter how good you are at illustrator if you’re drawing a bad idea. It will be crummy. You will need to learn Illustrator eventually, but it’s like that “weakest link” quote… Your design is as strong as it’s weakest link. It could be your idea or your implementation- good design requires both.

The biggest roadblock for you guys is thinking that design is some magical attribute that some people have and others don’t. Simply not true. It takes a little bit of learning and a lot of practice to be good, but that’s true for everything. And the number one quality that employers want? Creative problem solvers.

Here are some of my favorite design “cheat sheets:”

Referring to these documents and checking new and exciting art from online resources (like deviantartabduzeedo and Media Militia) will help in the quest. You can also refer to the galleries here or on the mac lab.

TODAY’S JOURNAL: Design is not a built in talent you have or don’t have… Do you agree? Support your argument with a reason or two for your answer. Blog about it in your online lab! Title your blog “Artful Thinking.” (2xp)