Okie Dokie, gang… This week we are going to focus on the  character trait or the organization you discovered in week 0. I want you to create a poster, USING THE ELEMENTS AND PRINCIPLES you learned about and played with the last few weeks to create a poster that promotes your cause or your character trait. You can find all the details in Project 1.07. Want some real good tips? Check the  14 rules sheet out. (Thanks to Judy Durkin for this awesome resource on The Adobe Ed Exchange. sign in required). Also, Make sure you remember the Synectic Triggers (triggers on a Single Sheet) presentation we talked about in class. We’re on the path now to actually beginning to be really creative- You’ve got the tools under your belts already.

THE ONLINE LAB is up and running. I fully expect you to be visiting the lab for information on what is due and when. This is the pace I expect you to be working at, and the projects you’ll need to have done to participate in the hands-on activities. You WILL NOT be able to use the button-maker, laser engraver, or vinyl cutter if you do not have all the basic illustrator projects done. Your images for these projects are to be done in illustrator, so you need to know how to create images that can be used on these devices!

You should also be done with all the following projects this week: (LOGIN FIRST)

Lab Policies
Week 2 Summary
PROJECT 1.02 – E&P lineAssignment
PROJECT1.03- E&P shapeAssignment
Week 3 summaryAssignment
1.04- E&P- Logo DesignAssignment
1.05- E&P TypographyAssignment
1.06- Vector Logo designAssignment
Week 4 summary

Get those summaries done for sure while you can still remember what you did those weeks, and make sure you get yourself caught up ASAP. There’s only 4 weeks left till report cards are issued. If you’re not done with the assigned work, it could negatively affect your grade, especially if I’ve seen you working on other projects on your own. You have the freedom to experiment with the software in here, but also the responsibility of getting done what is assigned.

9/23– WOW!! the online lab is CRANKING! I am so stoked about it- check out the CT Advanced project forum for the BB.com headers. It’s alive with energy!!! What’s amazing that you outsiders can’t see, is that students in class not only can post their projects, reply to other student work, and see the comments, but they can actually RATE each other- automatically filling in the gradebook with student evaluation grades (which I only have to change later if they’re way off for some reason.)  I haven’t been so excited about anything like this since I could start recording my own videos. Cooperative peer grading? Check. Peer feedback and review? Check. Awesomeness? Check!!

Moodle is my new girlfriend. 🙂