This week, we’ll be learning more about vectors and typography. Vectors are the types of files created whenever you use Illustrator. It’s an image that is created by a mathmatical equation in the background… kinda like graphing stuff out in geometry. Change the equations and you have to redraw the curve, right? Well, Illustrator is the same way. What’s great about that is that these images never get “jagged” or blocky because when they are resized, Illustrator redraws the lines perfectly. These vector¬†images are best for illustrations, graphs, logos, and other line art.

One thing I really want you guys to learn a lot about is Typography. There are SO many things to learn, so many terms to understand, and so many tricks you can pull when you understand all the basics. Make sure you pay close attention to the sections of the video discussing kerning, tracking, and other text adjustments. Sticking with the default font settings is a great way to limit yourself to boring text. Don’t get caught in that trap of mediocrity.

This week you should be getting through to project 1.06 on the Comm Tech 1 list. Try to keep up… Falling behind now is going to mean less time for you to do the projects you really want to. I make time for you to have some creative freedom in this class- but only after you master the basics. Finish the basics first, you get more freedom. Finish late, you spend all your time doing what I tell you to do rather than what you want to do. It’s not as fun.

Soon we’re out of the basics with the E&P’s so we start moving much deeper in Illustrator. Make sure you grasp the E&P’s so you know when to use the rules, and when to break them!

Here’s also what I need from you to catch up.. Finish any assignments in the Online lab you haven’t completed. THIS LINK should bring you to the assignment page so that you can see what you have and haven’t done…

9-16 update– Sorry about the lab being down. Two switches are being replaced in the network closet for building 9 and that affects our lab. Should be up by tomorrow (or later today). The electrical team is also in the lab fixing the area that was affected by the fire. Should be totally up and running in just a few days in here! (about time, right???)

When it is up, check out Obama’s message to students at THIS LINK if you’re interested in hearing what the President has to say to students in America’s schools.