All right gang… This week, we just keep moving forward in the E&P’s… I’m actually working fast and furious in the background at getting something new going that I think is going to totally revolutionize the lab again! I think you guys are really going to love it and I also think it’s going to help with the greatest weakness of this lab… the Freedom that many of you haven’t learned to handle yet. I think I have a solution that still gives you total freedom, but puts up more signposts.  I’m stoked… hopefully it will be running within the next couple days.

As for class now, you should know the drill. Go to the Comm Tech 1 page and keep working your way through the projects. You should be on 1.03 by the end of the period today. Remember that for these experiments in the E&P projects (1.02 and 1.03) you should have 3 different documents for each project with 4 boxes, holding a shape or line and a feeling. One document means you’re 33% of the way done. Read the specs. Make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to.

OK- HUGE STEP FOR TODAYCLICK HERE and sign up for the online lab… Then give me time to OK all you guys since you can’t access email here at school. After I tell you it’s all good to go and enroll- USE THE “ONLINE LAB” link in the main menu of this site (above). Click on the course for First Semester for your class.  When it asks for an enrollment key, put “per#” as the key, with # being your period. (3rd hour would enter “per3”)- COMM TECH ADVANCED STUDENTS, enter ct201. Outside users can login and use “guest” as an access key to check out what we’re doing in the background, but I won’t take time to grade your assignments…

9/9 update- Well… Looks like we’re all moving well with the Online Lab (check the link in the main menu, outsiders- Cool stuff!) Assignments and journals all done online easily. I’m still learning myself, but thanks to all you guys for dealing with the struggle through enrolling and getting things in there. I’ll post this upcoming week on what and how we’ll use it. I think it’s going to be amazing! Thanks to the newest Alter for today’s shot.