It’s HERE!!! Dreamweaver stuff is at THIS SITE. You can get the password from me in class.

Last week MANY of you failed to get a ton of extra credit by not reading this blog. I even left it up almost a whole extra week. This site, not the lab, is where you go to get the information you need. The lab is just for turning stuff in. This is HQ.

You guys really need to be working on the tutorials for certification! The photoshop certification is NOT difficult if you know the basic concepts. You’ve got to pay attention to the videos and follow along. Watching the videos doesn’t mean starting them and then talking to your neighbor. It means listening and following along.

Make It So.

Beauty can come from the strangest of places. Thanks, Jamie for today’s inspiration image.  You guys are just scratching the surface. Passing the ACA gives you TOTAL CREATIVE FREEDOM in this class. The tools are at your disposal. Just get it done!