So we’re wrapping up illustrator soon. You guys need to get through the three tutorials (robot, trendy, and spooky) on the tutorials  page. That’s the basic stuff I want you to know so that you can use it well enough to get by for now. We need to move on to Dreamweaver and learn to build web pages- and work with flash and Cinema 4d by the end of the year to intro you to all the basic apps we use in here.

So these Illustrator tutorials are realtively easy and quick. Get them all done so that you get these basic ideas and tricks for using illustrator to get some basic art done. We’re movin on soon. I do expect everyone to have all 3 tutorials done and their own projects using these skills/tools.

I’m out today for 6th hour to talk to the county people on some technical stuff for the district, but you guys know what to do. Knock out these Illy tutorials- they need to all be done by friday.

2/10- So I’m hearing that they take longer to do and you won’t be done by friday. I find that hard to believe- and a lot of you waste time. Friday is still the deadline for these 3 projects. If you’re working all period, you’ve had over 10 hours to do what I created, recorded, and edited in 4.