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Ok- So I’ve decided to move toward a weekly post here with daily updates like my inspiration, The Mac Lab. I can’t keep up with a full post, especially with all that’s happening with the lab and with the testing. So here’s this week’s post, exceptionally late.

Tech 1’s are prepping for the test. Most of you are done with Digital You and are working on the review videos. Many are already testing and we have over 20 people certified already this year. Keep it up. Remember that as we spoke earlier, things will soon change and your commitment to working and being creative in this class will need to be demonstrated. We’re going to be exploring the Elements and Principles here soon in class and that will help you understand what ugly is.

Tech 2’s have been doing better since the turn of the quarter. Typographic portraits are starting to happen and looking good. I’ll post more next week on all of this. I’d love to see more people demonstrating the excellence shown by Brian Ms in this incredible self-portrait!!