This is the last week. Exams start Friday, so there’s no more time… But you’ve had very little since Midterm!!! Here’s the list I wanna see on Exam day:

1. Fun Image of your choice (
2. Photoshopped image of broken Schwartz ( – 4/8 update
3. Pin Designs – 6 different designs (
4. Photoshop Contest (
5- Sony Acid Song- Discussed in class and at
6- Image about the difference you make in the world: (

If they’re not in… it’s a Zero for that project. Do the math! Every project is almost 2 letter grades drop!!! You’ve had a ton of time to work on all of these, so make sure they’re wrapped up!

NEXT CLASS: Make sure you have the certiport contest entry. This project is your chance to win some cash!!  This project counts double, and should be reflective of your BEST WORK. You get to show me in one project what your grade should be for the quarter! How much have you learned this year? SHOW ME!!! 🙂


NEW CONTEST!!! Check this out. Download CS5 trial version, make something cool… Get thesoftware for free!!! (well, if you win). Details HERE. This is NOT A class project, but if your certiport entry is good enough, you can probably just submit it here as well! (few so far have been that good- work harder!!!)