Are you ready for the challenge? Odd day students are now on the third day in a row with a sub. I was out at a conference last week and today I’m home with my youngest son who is sick. I’m a little worried about some of you making progress. Many of you find it difficult to stay on task when I am there. With a substitute, it may be easier.

But then I realized that this is a choice for you today like it is every day. And this is more like real life today than most other days. In real life, you don’t often have anyone breathing down your neck to keep you on task. If you don’t do your work, you get fired. (And what letter does “Fired” start with?) In the real world YOU get to choose your own destiny. YOU get to choose if you’re on the winning or losing team. YOU get to choose if you look back on your day and are proud of what you’ve done, or you have to just try to forget that you haven’t done anything. It’s sad- but many people move through their lives just this way. They don’t make anything good happen, they don’t solve problems, they d0n’t make much of a difference. If they don’t show up to work, it’s no big deal- they’re easily replaceable. As a matter of fact, many people contribute so little that many times others actually hope they don’t show up. It’s better when they’re not there. Let’s call these people the non-contributors (nc’s).

If you think about it, that’s a horribly sad story. It’s like people don’t care if the nc’s even exist or not, sometimes even hope they don’t. Of course, the NC’s would say “Well, working stinks anyway! Who cares about work? It’s just something you have to do to make money to pay the bills.” And that’s when the story gets even more sad. That’s when the nc’s have given up on themselves. They don’t dream anymore because they know they’ll quit before their dreams are actualized. They got so used to being useless that they have to see their whole existence as useless also. “Life’s a drag and then you die” is their motto. “Live for the weekend” always rolls off their tongues. These are people that are so sick of their own lives that they wish 5/7ths of their life away. They drudge through five days just to have two where they can get distracted from how miserable the majority of their life is.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. For many people, it’s not.

Many people simply make a choice to make their lives matter. They work hard, and they are an important part of the team- whatever team they are a part of. Because they work hard and are “self-starters” and don’t need to be told what to do- they start getting to make more decisions for themselves wihtout being directed like a child. Soon, people start asking them for advice because they can see that they are going somewhere. Then they’re such an important part of the team/company/community that the company decides that they want to pay them just to give their advice. They get to positions where they are in charge of things. Instead of being told what to do, they do the telling. Instead of looking for a good paying job, good paying jobs come looking for them. Instead of doing the crummy jobs, they hire people to do the crummy jobs.

Who are you? It’s pretty easy to tell. Look at your life. Look at your report card. Look at your job history. Look at the way you are treated at home. Look at the way you are treated by the people above you (teachers, employers, managers, etc…) There can always be exceptions (like a crummy boss), but look for a pattern. Do most of the people above you have to fight with you to get things to happen? If so, you are probably on the path of the “NC.” But if you are more often asking questions about what to do rather than being told what to do for the third time- you are on the path to being happy. You are on the path where you don’t wish your weeks away so you can get to the weekend. You are on the path where you love to go to work, get paid great money to do it, and then have amazing weekends without the stress from the week before and the dread of the week ahead. A weekend is much more enjoyable when you’re not “recovering” or “preparing” for the week that you can’t stand. It’s all just awesome.

It’s all up to you. It always has been.

So what will you do today? Do you think you’re “done” with the tutorials?? The tutorials on brainbuffet (1.21-1.27) are only 7 tutorials. There are THOUSANDS of awesome tutorials. HERE is a list of some of the favorite ones I’ve found. Get some amazing skills so that when you start working on your pins, your mousepads, and other projects, they look amazing. As soon as you finish the ACA exam and get your certification- that’s when I stop telling you what to do in this class and you get to choose yourself what you want to do. And have you really read this? The whole thing like you are supposed to? Good!!! Post a comment to this post, and then do a tutorial from the link at the beginning of this paragraph. Everyone who does will get an extra 30 minutes bonus, and will also recieve an “A” for the tutorial they do!