So… walking around in the last few days I’m kinda bummed that there’s so little for many of you to show me. Last quarter the cry from the trenches was “there’s not enough projects up, so there’s nothing for us to do.” So I created the projects page for extra ideas. Now I have four projects forward up and ready for you guys, and I’m getting similar excuses “I didn’t know what to do.”

It’s easy- do the projects. If you’re done, or have an idea of something you really want to do, then do that as well. As long as you’re working hard at being creative, I don’t care. I’m going to be watching closely for people off task. I have no problem slamming you for being off task because it’s so EASY to be on task in here… You can essentially do whatever you want. So what’s the deal?

I think that the problem is that I’ve just been too laid back, trying to get you to love your art- to find something to care about… And many of you simply haven’t found it. And that’s OK. But until you do find something, I’m going to have to start getting you down the road with a little more hand holding. More imposed deadlines, more directing you where to go. The projects will still be fun, but you’ll have to adhere to a more strict deadline. And of course, you can always go back and improve work you’ve worked on in the past for an improved grade. (Remember, this doesn’t always happen in the real world, so this is a gift in here!)

I’m also working on a whole scope and sequence re-write, and I’ll be talking to all of you this week about ideas for the lab and how things work. Remember, we’re all in this together…

2/3– New Illustrator tutorials to experiment with in the CTNAS until I can get them up online (Can’t FTP from school). I’ll assign a different one to each cluster.

2/4– Ok, Running into problems with Kuler in the lab… and I have a fix- Follow these instructions perfectly and Kuler will work:

  • Open Internet Explorer and go to the Tools menu
  • Go down to Internet Options
  • Click Connections, then Lan Settings on that page.
  • Click the “advanced” tab
  • In the little box at the bottom for Proxy exceptions, add ; to the list (include the semicolon.)

2/4– Hey gang… at the dentist today… keep working on your illustrator tutorials. When you finish, if you were working on 2 or 3, do 4… if you did 4, do 3 today. Check out the new tutorials link in the top menubar! Nice quick link to the tutorials. I’ll add all the older ones up there soon, but for now, all the Illustrator tutorials that are in the CTNAS are there. (we’ll keep the CTNAS for backup, though!)

FORBES– I need a pic of you with the why 21 logo in it… maybe take a shot and make it look like you’re holding it up?? They need it for a magazine article.

MASTERS– work on that logo for ROTC- it’s on my desk