2004Hey gang, I’ll be short today. I want to make sure we’re all on the same page and that we’re all in the same place.

Progress reports are in a couple weeks. I am putting in grades based on what we’ve done so far, and as discussed in the videos, you are responsible to prove to me that you have done the work. At this point, you should have the following done:

  • Career Research
  • Personality Research 
  • Watched all videos on the Student Page and signed Contract
  • Watched The “This is the way we roll” videos on your Class Page (CT1 and CT2)
  • Set up your portfolio as described on the Class page
  • Entered a journal entry for each day of class so far in your Q1 Journal of your portfolio(you may have combined the first few days, and that’s OK.)

Make sure you’re fully up to speed in that area. If you were absent or missed part of this, go back and catch up. We need to make sure we’re all starting at the same place today because the actual ACA prep and core concepts that we need to know are coming in the next 6 or 7 projects.

CT1 Students should be aware that we are starting a set of projects that will prepare you for the ACA certification test. Remember, this is a BIG deal for you and the school. We really want to nail it. This is kind of like the FCAT of Comm Tech- so pay close attention. You need to know everything I cover in those videos. We will sign up for certiport next class when I know everyone is caught up with everything above, and take the test to assess our current knowledge.

Comm tech 2+, We’re working toward dreamweaver certification this year. We’ll probably take the test as a benchmark to see and measure our improvement next week. For now, keep working on the projects in the Comm Tech 2 category and class page.

Let’s gather up the last few weeks and package it gang… we’re rolling out next class!