It’s SO close to being over. Another school year. Another year closer to graduation. Another year closer to real jobs and taxes and all that boring grown up stuff.

So what’s this year meant to you? What have you done this year to make yourself a better, stronger person? What have you done this year to make the world a little better for yourself and the people around you? How did you contribute to life this year?

Sometimes we forget to ask these questions. Some are to immature to care about even asking them (no matter how old they are- there are immature “adults” as well). And if you haven’t done anything worthy of writing about, why not? It’s not too late to fix it. It’s not too late to take responsibility for yourself. It’s not too late to make a difference.

This week, I want you to take the time to make a poster about how you’ve changed the world this year to make it better. (No ideas on how to start? This should help).Don’t be detailed- be general. Encourage generosity or service. Encourage excellence. Encourage perseverance. Don’t specifically talk about how you helped raise funds for a charity- share the hope that the charity represents (curing cancer, SADD, children’s hospital, hospice, etc). Don’t talk about how you gave blood… talk about how giving blood saves lives.

You’re not a child anymore. In 3 years at most, you will be an adult and active part of society. You want to be treated fairly and have good things happen to you- but it’s give and take… If there’s no give- then you have no right to take. You want to be treated fairly- then give your fair share back.

Next week, we’ll be putting the portfolios together for finals and so you have all your work from this year. If you want your files, back them up- these computers will be gone next year, along with all your files.

DO A GOOD THING NOW… One of our students, Marqueshia Stallworth, is in a contest to be student of the month… All you have to do is click here, scroll down, and vote! Easy to do, and you can store up a little doing good today with just a couple clicks of the mouse. You can vote once a day from home… even share out the link to friends and family maybe so they can vote once a day?

¬†This week’s challenges: Here’s a new one inspired by this. The more I do, the faster they go- and I’m learning a new trick every day. I’m TOTALLY not taking any more flack about how you guys don’t have enough time or how hard it is. Granted, I have more experience- but I’m just following instructions. If I can do it in 1 hour, you can do it in 10. The more you do, the more you re-use tricks and learn different ways to do it. I used the levels trick instead of bringing into illy.