Yup… another contest!  We have some AMAZING student designers. This quarter you are encouraged to simply hone your craft. Show me a week’s worth of work every week and write a short documentation about 2 things you learned that week, and you’ll have an A for the quarter. (What denotes a week’s worth of work? Something that I can’t do in 30 minutes…).  Will you rise to the challenge??? (who’s image is this??? You guys need to put your names on the images in the dropbox!)

There are currently two contests for you to enter. Each of these can serve as a week’s project:

Billboard Contest:


I heard from Alexa Lee, the county rep for this contest, and she suggested that some of the winning entries from the last contest be re-entered for this one!! (wink, wink, Maglietta and Pentz)

And secondly, a LOGO contest:

Logo Design Contest 2011 – Choice and Career Options

Click that link for the PDF of the contest rules. Knock down an amazing logo and it’s cash money and a week’s grade!!

I expect that ALL STUDENTS WILL COMPLETE AT LEAST ONE OF THESE PROJECTS. You can choose which you’d like, but every student must do at least one.