measure-of-patience-caneteWhat a week. What a month.

You guys are aware I’ve been out a lot lately. I apologize. I’ve got some weird stuff to deal with outside of class and it’s taking it’s toll. That’s no excuse- just the reason. I’m sorry I’ve been out so much, and when I’m here- it’s only halfway because I’m sleep deprived and feeling weird and dizzy. Hopefully this passes soon!

Aside from all that, stuff here at school is crazy, too. Earlier in the week the lab flooded from a busted hose in the back room. I walked in at 8am and heard my shoed sloshing in a quarter inch of water… The updates on the computers took 3 days to get done (with me asking you to get off your computer for 20 minutes for me to update it) when I hoped it would be an hour after school one day. Certiprep software to prep us for the ACA is not validating for the whole lab, and we thought that was taken care of.

Heck- even my dog is sick. My life just became a country song.

Ok… let’s end this now. </phail>

There. This week and all the junk from the last month was just laid to rest. It’s a new week next week. Let’s get through today and this weekend without any NEW probs and we’ll develop a new groove next week. It’s the end of the quarter- so it’s a good time for it.

Here’s what you need to do to wrap up: COMM TECH 1’s- Make sure you have the files for all of your projects so far. Your contact sheet from project 1.6 should have printed out a nice sheet of all your work so far. Print one for real as well as the PDF. Show that to me and we’ll discuss your grade based on that. Remember- in here, you grade yourself, so be prepared to tell me what you’ve learned and why you deserve the grade you think you deserve. If you’ve done everything you’re supposed to and have no missing minutes, then you have a “C.” If you have earned more than that- then tell me how. Remember, we’ve already agreed on this. Don’t worry too much about the journal unless you want an “A.” If you want a “B,” then make sure you’ve done all the ACA projects, and then experimented with the programs and done some extra projects for your own skills development and show them to me. For a “C,” you need to have completed and can document completion of all of the ACA projects in full (that means you have 3-5 logos).

Comm tech 2’s- I’ve already shared what I want. I told you up front what I’ll need from you. I reiterated it last week. Complete, daily journals with screenshots will be an “A.”  Weekly journals with screenshots will be a “B.” No journals but lots of work will be a “C.” Minimal work with no journals is a “D.”