First, GO SEE AVATAR. IN 3D. Totally worth the money and it will change your expectations for film.

Ok. now that that’s over… how about improving yourself? Committing to becoming a better designer. How about this year you start really looking forward and stop just living life as it’s handed to you. Try expanding. Try not giving up so fast. Try finding what makes you tick. Try finding your own inner muse. Maybe read something that makes you think once a day (heck, start with just one a week).  Look for daily inspiration in your own creativity.

And as we mentioned right before break (see 12/7 entry) , we’re going to find our passion. By the end of the week, you need to find a character trait ( extra sources: 1,  2 )and an organization you believe in (extra sources: 1). A lot of your projects for the rest of the year will be focused on these two issues. I want to integrate what’s important to YOU in theis class. Remember, it’s not just about design, and it’s certainly not about me in here… it’s all about YOU. What makes you special? Why are you here? What are you gonna do to make the world better because you’re in it- both for yourself and for the world in general.

This week we’re also starting to work with the tablets. Remember that the drivers need to be installed!!! They’re at C:\drivers\ on your computer. The smaller tablets are called “graphire” and should be the first folder in the drivers folder. Remember to install the driver first, THEN launch (or close and relaunch) your applications to get all the nifty features!

1/13– I’ll be out for the rest of the week at FETC. I want the tech 1 Students to continue working on projects 13-16. I expect that 13-15 will be done when I return. You’ve had a couple weeks to work on them. Project 16 (Self Portrait in Illustrator) should be well in progress when I get back. Let’s start moving through these projects.  Comm Tech 2 Students can continue on their own projects, or use the new Project Ideas page to get an idea for a fun new project in the app of your choice. Both CT1 and CT2 students should all be referring to the Project Links tag cloud for tutorials. There’s good tutorials for CT1’s on Illustrator, and CT2’s can check the general tutorials page for tons of ideas in whatever app you like.