I get a lot of questions from students about what kind of computer I recommend. First, I recommend one you can afford- Shop around and watch out for botique names (Alienware, etc…). You often pay a lot for the logo on the case. Look for smaller companies that have been around a while or build your own if you know how.

But this summer, I talked to some of the development team for CS5 Production Premium, and this is what they recommended as a really great build that won’t completely break the bank (But E-machines will never have a model like this, if you know what I mean… This is NOT a bargain PC setup).

  • CPU:quadcore chip (i7)
  • RAM: 8 gb ram minimum
  • GPU: Geforce gtx 475 (for pixel bender and other support)  COMING OUT SOON! Replaces Geforce 285 in my old list
  • SOUND: Off-motherboard is always best, but not critical unless recording high end surround sound editing. (Creative E-Mu, Turtle Beach cards,  and M-audio mentioned as good affordable choices.)
  • Motherboard: One that supports all the above
  • PSU: MOST OFTEN OVERLOOKED PART OF YOUR KIT- AND ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! DO the research to make sure you have what you need and get a GOOD, NAME BRAND PSU. (Antec, PC Power and Cooling, Sparkle, Enermax, Coolermaster) (More info)