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“Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself,

but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

~Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


Hmmm… Mediocrity. The curse of this generation. Everything is just “good enough.” Nothing is amazing, nothing new, nothing innovative.  A direct result of a microwave generation wanting everything now, without the patience or work for something better.


I’m not being a naysayer- I believe in this generation! I believe in YOU. I believe that everyone has the ability to be GREAT at something… but it takes work and time. We’re simply being catered too much- myself included- I want everything here and now with a couple keystrokes and a click of the mouse.


That’s where ART comes in! Beauty, Mystery, Creativity. It’s the one thing that separates us from the animals. We work on something not just because it MUST be done, but because we want it done. Not for survival, but to make survival worth surviving!


Too many of you in class are just doing the minimum. You’re not working hard to make your projects excellent. Getting done fast and average is NOT IMPRESSIVE. Getting done later with excellence IS. I’d rather you take your time and do something amazing than get done fast and have a piece of art that’s hardly worth mentioning.


Of course, some of you aren’t doing the minimum. You’re working hard and learning something new every day. Keep it up. Be proud of your work. It’s not a race to get done first, it’s a contest to do the best you can do. So keep running that race.


For the ACA projects in Comm Tech 1,if you have run through fast and you’re already done with the Chernobyl Zoo project, go back and redo the projects now WITHOUT THE TUTORIALS. See what you remember. When you’re done, watch the review section of the video and make sure you know EVERYTHING in that review section, you’ll see it again! And for Chernobyl Zoo, I expect that this project is done with excellence! You should not be able to tell the image was modified by looking at it.


Comm Tech II students, make sure you’ve done this project and the spaceship in Cinema. We’re starting a new set of projects soon.


10/1/09- New project up on COMM TECH I page- typographic logo.