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You know, it’s hard for me too in here. Since school started I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, I’m sure you’ve read the papers or at least heard about the huge shift schools are going through. Everyone’s stressed. Some of you are feeling some of the stress with new classes (HUGE schedule changes NOW??!?!), new teachers, shifting schedules- but it’s happening to everyone at all schools. It’s simply a mess right now.

So what do we do? We take the time in here to relax. Enjoy this class. It’s the one class where you get total creative freedom, you have no homework, no tests, nothing to learn except how to express yourself and how to truly engage in creative expression. Take advantage of this.

I know there’s been a couple days that I’ve been behind on the blog posting. It’s new to me, too and I’m swamped with a lot of the behind the scenes stuff to keep the lab running. So I apologize, and I accept that I haven’t had the blog ready and just had to give you a 5 minute talk at the beginning of class to get you guys going. It should start getting better in a couple days when all the scheduling and testing is done. (I hope!).

So… I’m catching up… I need you guys to catch up. A lot of people are not keeping their journals updated. Fix that now. If you’re behind, just do an entry for each week rather than each day to catch up, and make sure you start doing them daily from now on. CT1 students, I don’t really expect that you’ve got your daily screenshots, but it will be worth extra credit if you do. CT2 students- you guys have no excuse… catch it up today.