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I’m out of school today- can’t shake this thing. I feel like Gnarcia’s creation here… But just because I’m out doesn’t mean you are. Keep rolling forward!

CT1 Students- you should be nearing completion of projects 4 or 5 on the Comm Tech 1 page. If you’ve made it through those projects, watch THIS VIDEO!! You’re NEVER done in this lab. Take what you’ve learned and experiment. Explore. Dig deeper. Especially with the ACA videos, review and make sure you KNOW these concepts. They’re important, and they’re in there for a reason. You can simply watch the review video of old projects and then make sure you know EVERYTHING in that review.

CT2+ students, work on the Billboard Contest. Create an entry for class that uses royalty free images from the internet (I suggest and morguefile). DOUBLE CHECK THE RESTRICTIONS ON THE IMAGES- Make sure they’re usable, and save a link to the page (hidden text layer in your psd.) I know the contest says no stock photos, but create a billboard for class that has no restrictions in that area- and another for the online contest if you want WITH the restrictions. I expect a professional billboard from every student by the end of the week (with stock photos.) It’s a weird format- really wide… so it’s unique to design for.

Everyone also watch THIS video.

UPDATE: Videos Fixed!