Ok… So I’ve been thinking about a ton of different ways to get Illustrator to make sense to you as a photoshop user. I think I have a lot of good ideas and we’re going to start a new little series of activities that should make it make more sense. So this week is the “I love illustrator almost as much as Schwartz” week. We’re going to just be looking at cool, fun, easy ways to work with illustrator WITHOUT starting with the pen tool… and then we’ll ease back into the pen. I think I have some ideas that will work!

COMM TECH 2 STUDENTS- You blew a chance at $1000. The Poster contest for Palm Beach Film Festival has been up for over a month, and I haven’t seen a single entry. That’s just sad. Look at previous winners and you’d know you DEFININTELY had a chance at an easy extra grand in cold hard cash. Wake up and start paying attention to your project list. Every day, you should look at abduzeedo’s daily inspiration and then your project page.

1/28- We’ve been working in illustrator- getting a lot of live help from me in class… Tutorials coming soon to jump start you new Illy users. I think you’re going to like the way we approach it now.¬† Let’s start over with a focus on the quick start¬†ways to some amazing images- and we’ll be designing pins sometime this week… NO PHOTOSHOP images- Only illustrator for the pins!