I can’t believe we’re already here! Yikes!! Final is up in the online lab. Remember- I’m looking for HONESTY!!! If you have gripes, share them. I also want you to honestly reflect on and report on your participation this quarter. I know who’s busy and who’s goofing off in here. I’ve been doing this a long time. Let’s keep it honest, Okay?

Make sure that you can document the work you’ve done this quarter. There are 6 projects- 2 of them (pen and portrait) are challenging and can take a couple weeks- but there has been more then enough time for you to finish. If you’re not there yet, you’re probably not doing excellent (an “A”). If there’s extreme circumstances that you think excuse you from that kind of progress, I’ll consider it. Even if you have worked on all the earlier projects exceptionally hard and have created rich and detailed robot, spooky, trendy, etc… That’s OK for an “A” also, as we’ve discussed.

If you’re behind because you socialize and/or goof off on the internet, that’s NOT ok.

Remember our talks from the beginning of the year. This class is about personal growth and excellence. That’s what you’re graded on- how hard you are working against your own resistance to growth and tendency toward laziness. We all have it- but some of us don’t even fight it. Be a fighter. Give your inner lazy person a good beat down and rise above the mediocrity. We do our best in the lab. ┬áThat’s what we do in here for an “A”. Less than your absolute best 90% of the time is less than an “A”. Evaluate yourself accordingly. I’m not grading you against the kid next to you (for better or worse). I’m grading you against the kid in the mirror.

And like Mr. Trout’s image headlining today’s post… I expect a very accurate representation of yourself in your Final Exam.

Make sure your work is also uploaded to the online lab. If it’s not there, you didn’t do the assignment. I’ll check for updates to the online lab after christmas, so you have until 12/25 to make anythign up at home if you’re so inclined.