Here’s what I’m looking for for this quarter:

Illustrator: (these were all assigned in Early January.)

  • Self Portrait
  • 2 tutorials (robot, trendy, or spooky)
  • PSA for the World

Web Design (Assigned and online since Feb22)

  • 5 page site with links and graphic headers
  • DHTML on your pages

Extras (assigned 2 weeks ago)

  • Doodle for Google
  • 2 tutorials of your choice (from FCAT week)

And remember- If you ahve your journal up to date (with entries for each assignment, not each day), that will be worth an entire letter grade. An “A” means “excellent” in here- way beyond average… Doing what you’re supposed to do is simply average. We’ve been through this a million times. There’s just about no way to get an “A” without doing the extra stuff. We’ve discussed all that, too.