Hey gang!!!

The end of the quarter is coming around the corner soon. Many of you have not done as well this quarter as in the past. Lots of people getting lazy. Last week I gave you 2 tutorials as an assignment and I will count each extra as extra credit. Yes you have to work for it, but it’s an easy A- you can choose your own application and tutorial- Just learn something new.

For this week, we’re going to do the doodle for Google contest. Each of you needs an entry for this project. I strongly recommend reading the Design Guidelines section of this page for some REALLY GOOD information. If your entry fails to meet specs because you didn’t read/pay attention to that section… your entry will fail for class, too. Time to start engaging the noodles, gang. This is about design and understanding specifications.

So… By FRIDAY you will all have:

  1. 2 tutorials (or more for XC)
  2. A doodle for Google entry completed.

That’s simple, right??? So it will be simple to grade, too. I know you get my drift.

ETA: you’re in trouble now, gang… This edit was added with my new iPhone app for wordpress. At 12:39am.

Maybe I’m the one in trouble…