dalenbrlogoOne of the hard things about being a technology education teacher in the past was trying to figure out if I was covering what was necessary and having industry basically give me the “yes, sir.”  Well, now we’ve got a solution for that. Industry Certification for Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash. We’re starting now on Photoshop certs for CT1, and I fully expect that all CT1 students will be certified by Christmas.

So… Short and sweet today- CT1 students should be working on their projects. Start on project 1 and simply work your way down. Go at your own pace. The goal is NOT to finish first, it’s to make sure you understand all the concepts in the videos. At the end of each tutorial, there’s a review video. You need to know everything mentioned in that video. If you don’t, go back to that part of the tutorial and do it again. Let it sink in so it sticks, you’ll be seeing it again.

Comm Tech 2 students, we’re getting a jump on some new 3D!! This is new for ALL of us, myself included. We’re letting Mr. Skocko from the Maclab teach us how to use Cinema 4D starting with the spaceship project (skip down to introduction). I’m out there in the trenches with you guys.