Here’s your chance to create an image that gets some heavy rotation here in the lab… See those images up top at Well, we can rotate images in there if I just upload to a folder. Here’s the specs:

  • 1200×150 pixels
  • Include your name in the image in this specific format: Use your full first name and the first and last letters of your last name.¬† Put this in the bottom 50 pixels, on the right hand side of the image (the last 200 pixels). For example, I would put “robsz” for rob schwartz
  • It can be vector or raster- use whatever image generating program¬†you want
  • Follow copyright rules if you use an image. Stick to the sites we always use and you should be relatively safe.
  • If I like the image (totally subjective on my part), it will get loaded into the rotation

Knock this down today, it’s just a fun easy project for today only.