Check this out CT2’s! You get a chance to win a contest that has a possible prize of $2500 cash for the school and $5000 scholarship for yourself!!!! You’ll be designing a billboard for Florida Kids Care (we did a similar project last year.)

I expect an entry from EVERY COMM TECH 2 STUDENT!!!

The contest says it’s due DECEMBER 02, but YOU need to get it done by October 10. This will be a fair part of your grade for this quarter. Dont’ use the online builder, I want this done in Photoshop!!!

Here’s the link:

Here’s a link for the rules and prizes for this contest:

UPDATE 9/16:

You can not use stock photos! You have to use their images, or images you’ve taken yourself. Use the cameras in class or just enter with the stock photos they have available.


Height: 3.222 inches, Width: 11.111 inches @ 300