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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s around the corner. It’s been there a while now, but looks like we’re going to be face to face with it soon…


For CT2’s there’s already been a bunch this year, but for all of us there is more coming! First, CT1’s are almost done with the Photoshop ACA training and we should be taking the test in the next couple weeks! I expect an incredibly high pass rate. Secondly, with that done, we will start moving in toward learning more of the ART behind digital design than the TECHNOLOGY.

Here’s my concern- for CT1’s AND 2’s… The aforementioned mediocrity. What’s with people in CT1 classes “doing the projects” without watching the videos? Isn’t the first specification for every project to watch the training videos? (In all caps and underlined since it’s a link) Comm Tech 2’s- I’m looking at work that is the quality of (sometimes worse than) my comm tech 1’s in many cases!!! It’s not that you aren’t skilled- it’s that you think you can coast.

Here’s the deal. Comm Tech 2’s need to have incredibly complete journals. I will assume that everyone deserves a “C” (though some of you seem to be working much less than average)- and it will be your responisbility throough the journal to justify more than that to me for report cards. I will not be “giving” grades. You will be telling me what you deserve and supporting it with evidence. This is how it’s been from the beginning. I’ll let it slide a little on screenshots for every day- but if you want an A, you should have screenshots and journal entries and positive minutes.

Comm Tech 1 students- your ACA test will document your work and learning from the beginning of the year ’till now. We will be working on the journaling after we’re done with the test. Right now, it’s still wax on, wax off time. It’s training- Boot Camp. Many of you have not been doing your journals. If you pass the ACA test, you will have a B for the class. If you pass and have your work, (Enneagramm and Career entries from week 1), examples of the projects, some journal entries, and some Photoshop work you have done, you’ll have an A. If you don’t pass, you’ll have a letter grade less than above. You can still get an “A” without passing the test if you have journal entries as described here and positive minutes.

I will not flex from this- I’m already giving a LOT of flex with the journals and I’ve been slack in docking minutes for many of you off task, chewing gum, etc.. So that’s your curve already given.

CT1’s work on the ACA test prep videos. CT2’s- you should be working on any project you choose- just make sure you’re documenting and can show me that you deserve more than a “C” in here. Negative minutes are the only way to a D or an F. I’ve been watching enough to know that you guys are generally working (A few obvious exceptions, Per 6!) and everyone is doing at least average work. Some of you are doing incredible things and I’m really impressed and excited! I know I’ve been distracted with the CT1 work and the new stuff in the lab (and I’ve been sick a lot), but many of you are already acting like Designers and simply exploring, creating, experimenting, and honing your skills. That’s all I expect from you! Keep it up if you’re doing this, and get on the ball if you’re not.