This is a new quarter, so why do so many of you keep asking if you still have an “A” for passing the ACA last quarter??? . That DID demonstrate mastery of the basics early, so I’m going to give you an “A” as promised for the quarter- It would be hard to fight since you passed an industry-standard test in only 3/4 of the year! However, as I’ve mentioned a million times in the past, passing the ACA is NOT a great ending to a photoshop class, it’s a great beginning. NOW the real work starts.

You guys that have passed the ACA should know all the basics. Through the projects and tutorials we did last quarter, you have learned all the core concepts. Layers, Masks, adjustment layers, printing, etc- these are the basics! Now it’s time to start working in all the art and design we talked about in the beginning of the year and apply them to your new tools! Photoshop is simply a tool for design. A fancy, magical brush on a digital canvas. Learn to paint well.

You guys have a project a week due for the rest of the year. This is now YOUR time. You get to choose your projects, your focus, your class activity. Every week you’ll need to simply drop a project (or the week’s work in progress on a project) into the forums and write the required project summary. That’s the rule and law for the rest of the year! Be free to explore new styles, applications, and whole new directions!! This is the part that should be fun, but it will take time and focus!! KEEP YOUR FOCUS!


CT2: For those of you working on the FASFAA logo, here’s the entry info… ┬áIf you want to actually enter, the email address to send the logo to is on the specs. You’re on your own for entry!!

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