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Things are changing fast!!! It’s unreal. There’s lots happening behind the scenes on a huge level and we’re part of a really cool thing happening for schools in the county… We’ve talked about it in class and it’s of no interest for those outside of class- so I’ll stop there. Just be aware that you have a chance to be a part of something bigger than yourself here. That’s true for this class, as well as the whole county as time moves on.

So to reiterate from today’s chats, go get yourself a “work/school” email account (I recommend gmail). Then go to gravatar, and upload a pic of yourself or a self-portrait project and let that be your gravatar for that “professional self” email account. You’ll need a legit email account and you need to keep the image very professional (nothing anywhere near PG and certainly not “R” rated!!! This is your professional self!). Post to this blog entry with your gravatar email account and if you post and your image shows up, you’ve got 30 minutes extra credit. Easy stuff here, gang. Other XC points can be earned in random headphone/flashdrive checks… 5 minutes EACH if you have them during a random check. 

I’m throwing around a ton of extra credit, so I’m also goning to have NO MERCY when it comes to off task behavior. Time in class is MY time. If you do your stuff on my time, I’ll require you to do my stuff on your time (after school.) That’s only fair, right??? I’m letting you guys determine how this class runs in large measure- so there’s no reason you should not be on board for 90 minutes every other school day. I’m not asking for much, and I’m giving an awful lot.

Thanks also to Squint for writing our amazing app that’s going to give us 30 minute timers for class for stretch/ergonomic breaks, circulating and seeing other people’s work, and for sharing and receiving criticism. Thanks to Smigel for the idea about practicing healthier computer habits!!!

1/6- I see lots of people trying to get to gmail from school… that won’t work. You’ll be able to get halfway through and then get stuck. You’ll have to do both Gmail and Gravatar from home (because gravatar sends a confirmation email). That’s why 30 minutes XC for such a simple thing. Projects are up on the CT1 Page- keep hammering at that bezier pen.

1/7- Short day again today. Same as yesterday- Get back on the pen tool. CT2’s- let’s chat about how to run this thing better. I have a cool idea about student inspiration projects.

SPECIAL NOTE!! STUDENTS!! When commenting, if you’re a student (or anyone under 18), please don’t use your full name. If you’re in my class, use your nickname (if I gave you one) or just class period, last name. (like 5jones). That will make it easier to find you guys and also keep your identities more private!!! You’ll have to use your “school/professional” email to get your gravatar to show, but that’s not linked to anything personal anyway, right??? 🙂