Mid-Term (and checkup)

Hey gang… We’re at midterm. Most of you have passed the ACA test (we’re at aver 70% of first year students already passed). If  you haven’t passed yet, don’t freak out… but start studying and working on certiprep in your “off time” when you finish the new projects. We’re REALLY focusing on the Elements and Principles for both first and second year students.

Grades are in based on minutes owed. I’m assuming that everyone’s portfolio is up to date as we’ve discussed if you’re past the ACA test. Document your work every day in your journals. I’m working on some new videos to help introduce the Elements and Principles to you in a easier, and creative way. This is your new paradigm. No longer will we accept ugly work (or boring work.) Excellence in EVERYTHING in this lab from now on.

Comm Tech 2 students have a new project where you can earn some cash and free adobe software. Vets have done this already, but there’s a new theme this year, so it’s a whole new project. I can only take 5 winner designs, so make sure yours is one of the top 5 if you want your entry officially entered and considered. Even if you don’t want to enter, this is a REQUIRED project.

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