Losing track

[singlepic id=74 w=320 h=240 float=left]I hate it that I’m so swamped with so many projects, I often neglect the common little ones. Like updating this blog daily. I’m turning over a new proverbial leaf and committing to starting as the time and life-sucking extra project I was working on is complete. So from now on, no new post for the day, everyone in class gets a minute of extra credit.

Things are changing. I made a lot of huge changes this year and it’s hard to adjust myself to many of them. You need to know that from here on out, now that Photoshop ACA testing is out of the way (those of you that haven’t passed need to work on it on your own time now), we are starting the truly new creative efforts. So you have much freedom, and wiht that comes much responsibility. You must document your time in here. Daily document in your journal what you’re doing and what you’re learning. The journal will be key to your success in here.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the elements and principles and the Synectic Triggers. These really are the secrets. The E&P will help you figure out what’s ugly in your work when it doesn’t look right. The Synectic triggers will help you think of different approaches and ideas for your project.

CT1 and CT2 students are both starting a logo design project this week. Use the triggers. Pay attention to the principles. Look at examples for inspiration.  Go to your student pages and get to work. I expect some amazing and creative work!!!

12/1CT2’s have new projects up with deadlines. Real contests with cash prizes. Don’t forget to use the synectic triggers if you’re stuck! They are the secret!

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