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Our team of world-class, award-winning educators is excited to spread the message! Technology use in the classroom can be fun and engaging, Industry applications and certifications have a place in the classroom, and creativity (as well as the path to it, failure) is a learnable skill. We believe firmly that students should be addressed with respect and integrity, only this will ensure that students will return the favor.

Below is a list of workshops we have done at conferences that have been best-received and most often asked for. We can also tailor our workshops to meet the needs of your specific event or program goals.

Check out some of the feedback we’ve received for our workshops below, and keep scrolling for popular workshop listings.

“Thank you so much for the informative workshop at the Conference.  I have to admit that in the beginning I was a little disappointed that it wasn’t hands-on, but in the long-run I have to agree that what you gave us will be much more beneficial. You have a huge heart. That is so obvious. Your enthusiasm for what you do and love for your students have inspired me. Your workshop was the most beneficial one I attended! I am so excited about going back to school and teaching my Adobe classes!”

Mary H.

Teacher, SM High School

“Joe’s training was nothing short of superb in every way. The materials he provides on the software, the structure that emphasized hands on working in the Adobe Suite and his professionalism, matched only by his knowledgeable yet easy-going demeanor, make this training an absolute must for any teacher wishing to use Adobe Creative Cloud with their students.”

Sean Price

Teacher, Cane Ridge Community High School of Arts & Communication

“Rob, I just wanted to thank you for a great Dreamweaver session at the CTE conference last week. Your passion for students is evident and I really appreciated your style of presenting – allowing the conversation to go where it needed to, so that the teachers felt that their concerns were heard. Covering the soft skills was a great direction to go for the afternoon and I think everyone walked away knowing more about what is actually covered in the ACA exam.

Stephanie Dicken

Teacher, North Carolina

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