Keep Movin’ On… (Week 23)

FIRST- We have 2 finalists in the alcohol prevention poster contest. Both B and C are from our school. You’ve seen one of them in the blog in the last couple weeks.

Please VOTE for your favorite entry here!

Visit at home and have friends and family vote as well! Facebook it, Tweet it, do whatever you do! Spread the word!

Next, I’ll be out for three days this week. That shouldnt’ matter. You guys know what you need to do. Keep working. It should run in here perfectly fine without me because you guys already know the drill. Move forward and be creative! Remember that when you are done with the certification you can move forward in any direction you’d like!!! Designing games? Sure. Video Special Effects? No problem. Create T-shirts and license plates and other grooviness? Check.

Lots of cool tutorials out there too so you can make it to the wall and come back next year for those of you interested in returning!!! Remember, If you’re not on the wall, you’re not coming back for Comm Tech 2!!! Only 44 spots- so I have to be picky!

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