How to Search the Web

Sometimes we are so used to everything happening so fast and easy that we kind of forget what it’s like to wrestle with a problem! I have a great story about how things started for me- the best AND worst day of teaching I ever had.

From a real drag of a problem, I learned to jump off the cliff and have fun with failure, not knowing, and struggling with the questions I had where I just couldn’t find the answer. I used to hate that feeling… but now I kind of enjoy it!

Students, I always tell the kids in my classroom that my class is about three things:

1- Figuring out who you are
2- Learning to solve problems
3- Having fun with design

This video here talks about that second important lesson for life, solving problems. I honestly believe that if you can learn the problem solving process, you can do anything if you don’t give up (assuming it’s possible in this universe). This is what my class has ALWAYS been about, and the lesson I’ve told students for ages.

This video is a quick walk through of the process I went through to help a friend solve a problem with a tutorial done by Kelly, our Queen of Page Layout… but it wasn’t working. And none of my “experts” could help either, because they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working for me… it just worked as expected for them.

This is a common “expert” problem… they can forget about the things they learned ages ago and use every day. This video takes you on a quick journey through the maze of problem solving that we call working in a constantly evolving industry! Important lessons in here!


1- Never surrender to an Inanimate object. You will win if you don’t give up.
2- It’s called RE-search, not just “search!” You gotta search again if you don’t find your answer on the first, second, third, etc. page!

There is really NOTHING I teach in my classes more than this process for solving problems. It really is the answer to every question you could ever have.

LEARN THE PROCESS!!! It’s fun once you learn to embrace the struggle!


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