Here Come the Holidays

So we’re close to holiday break. Happy Holidays (whichever flavor you celebrate). Things are winding down. I hoped to have everyone ACA certified by now and we’re really close. Well over 80%. All of you know the technical stuff in Photoshop, but the technical and project planning questions are throwing you off. Don’t worry about it. Everyone that hasn’t passed yet is scoring close to passing, and we’ll make it by the end of the year. No stress, enjoy the holidays.

We’re moving into Illustrator (both CT1 and CT2 students) and you;ll need to shift your way of thinking…  I know it’s a little weird, and my videos are down for the day, so check out the MacLab’s illustrator tutorials. As a matter of fact, check those out even when ours are up again. Yes it will be a little redundant. Yes, you’ll still learn a heck of a lot from both.

Keep it going guys, make sure your journals are done! You should be keeping track of what you’re doing. Get into the habit now, since it is CRITICAL from here on out. Minutes and journals will be the way I grade for the rest of the year. Your grade is in your hands.

12/8– Don’t forget our talks in class about your character trait and cause that you want to focus on in your part this upcoming year. Everyone will need one, and I’d like to have them from you for your mid-terms. If you had 10 seconds to say something to the whole world about a cause or a character trait to make the world a better place, what would it be?

Cool Vector Tutorials for getting better at the pen tool: 1 | 2 | 3

Think you have the pen mastered??? PROVE IT with page 4. (thanks to GHSD teacher, Ms. Mandell for sharing on the web!!!)

12/9- I’m hearing lots of whining about the pen tool. I already told you it’s weird for a week. It takes practice, and you will need this tool for all the other projects you’re really going to want to do this year. Trust me, you want to have this mastered. I STRONGLY recommend doing the tutorials at the mac lab along with ours in the projects. The secret with the pen tool is to master it, not just understand it. I can understand how a brush leaves paint on the canvas, that doesn’t make me an artist. If you think you’re ready to move on, there’s a new project up on the CT1 Page– your self portrait in Illustrator.

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  1. Happy Holidays (whichever flavor you celebrate).

    Id say Christmas tastes good but I figured I could ask u how hanukkah tastes??

  2. My students did the same moaning and groaning. The slackers never got it. Everybody else loves once they have it mastered. Getting that point does require listening to A LOT of whining.

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