Brainbuffet 3.0

Well, I’m migrating. I’ve been using Drupal for years, but the bottom line is that it’s way too powerful for what I want to do here… SO welcome to Brainbuffet 3.0 on WordPress. It’s gonna be a great ride!!! I’ll be tweaking the site and look as we roll along. Right now working on getting the lab happening and imaging the boxes. Yikes… where did the time go?

Give me a little time to migrate some data over. If you’re looking for the old site, try .

6 thoughts on “Brainbuffet 3.0”

  1. Rob, when will your new site be up and running?
    Thanks for the workshop back in June at Western High.
    How was the riding on the PCH turn out?


  2. Hey Brian! Thanks for your input also! Check the first week’s assignments and you’ll see what you did for me! All career research. Great idea, my friend.

    The old site is archived- I added a link to it on the original post. Check it for what you’re looking for. I’ll migrate everything soon. Sorry for the little blip here- it was actually decided for me with a technical glitch in Drupal- so I moved to WP to make it all easier. Many more WP experts it seems!

  3. Rob…glad you are using Choices…I can’t find the assignments you have referenced.
    (Check the first week’s assignments and you’ll see what you did for me!)

    How was your motorcycle ride in CA?

  4. Check the front page! Every student is going through the choices planner now to learn what their interests are. Thanks again for the tip!

    I’m still learning how to best organize this new website… so I’m learning- sorry when it’s not too clear!

  5. I can see it clearly now…thanks.

    Remember to have all the students register under your high school. Contact Chris Ciardo to get the access code for your school. The number will be 8 digits long and give you access to all the student results. Then you can design projects to meet their “gifts” and challenge the with things they are not naturally built for.

    keep on keeping on…

  6. Check out the .2 project for week 1!!! Talk about finding out about how we’re built! Great self-discovery lessons are in store for this year!

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