HAPPY NEW YEAR! (week 19)

Hey guys! Welcome Back!!! Hope you had a great christmas break. I was swamped with grades yesterday so let me be brief- I’ll write a little more later today.

GO TO THIS LINK and sign up at certiport. PLEASE USE YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR THE ONLINE LAB at the certiport site. Your username should be lastname, first two letters of your first name, and year you graduate high school (for example, Rick Jones graduating in 2011 would be “jonesri11”) and password is “pb########” where the hash marks are replaced with your student number.

I’m doing a lecture with you guys today to intro the web design stuff… if you want to look at the presentation I used again- HERE IT IS. After the lecture, see if you can knock out a fireworks tutorial!!! Here’s a few or find you own! Then upload it to the online lab in the new fireworks forum.

CHANGE OF PLANS!!! Dreamweaver CS5 test isn’t working, so we’ll do that at the end of the year. So we’re jumping over to Photoshop right now and working towards Certification. Want an “A” this quarter? Get certified! Guarantee an “A” and total creative freedom for projects the rest of the quarter by getting certified. Good news? It’s not that hard. The test is not for advanced users, it’s the basics. It just identifies you as someone who has a base knowledge of Photoshop. Bad news? Uhhh… there isn’t any. We pay for the tests (normally $52), you can take it more than once (lots of students pass on their second or third try), and it’s an industry-recognized certification.

Oh- And Photoshop is FUN!!! You can start on 1.20, or just jump right to 1.21. (starting on 1.20 will make it all easier, and 1.20 is fast and easy!!!) After you get started, just move through all the projects on the Comm Tech 1 page and you should be ready to test at the end!!! (I’ll probably make one more for the new stuff in CS5’s test.)

Also, As an extra credit project, you can enter the Alcohol Awareness contest that’s in your online lab. It’s an extra credit project, but also worth $100 if your art gets chosen!!! Right now, the only High School entry is the one here by Kyle M. Beautiful project that perfectly represents the positive vibe they’re looking for. Already heard back from the contest people and they were blown away by Kyle’s entry! It’s a beautiful image… I’d buy the t-shirt.

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