Getting into Gestalt



Hello, [su_tag]!


It’s nice to see you jacked into the GRID!

First, I want you to check out these stories.


They’re fun, right???


There is a similar trick in art called GESTALT.  I want you to explore gestalt today. It’s a beautiful concept that helps you be creative and expressive.

Look at and learn from the following pages. You should spend at least thirty minutes downloading this info into your brain! Gestalt is something that you need to look at a while before it really sinks in.


Look at every one of those articles. Then find another couple articles yourself.


After researching, create a new post called “gestalt” in the category “Art.”   Include example images and make it look beautiful! You should include at least the following concepts- Isomorphism, Similarity, Continuation, Equilibrium, and Proximity.


Wait, you don’t know how to add graphics and set up post categories?


Go see Irep, she’ll set you straight on how to Document mastery,  add categories and add images. Then come back here to finish up. I’ll wait…



Great! You know how to add images to your post, right?


When you’re done and have the post complete, come back here to complete and claim your reward!


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