Following the Lead

First: The teacher I respect most is also a friend. He’s influenced the way I teach and once again, has me switching gears to try to make this program perfect. Check out this post from the maclab on implementing a game mindset into the classroom… How should it all look and work? (this link shows we’re not crazy for trying this- well, at least not crazier than many other people)

Second: look at the Student Galleries on this page. They’re down a little on the page under the big fat words that say…. Student Galleries.  🙂 That’s what you’re learning to do this year.

Third: You should have seen the video in class called “Did you know?” (catch it online here at home). Can you believe it? Do you seriously think that what you’re learning in class today (What you are being taught) will be applicable to you when you’re entering your first career position? How can you shift your way of thinking so that what you are learning now IS helpful? (understanding how to teach yourself)

School has typically prepared you for your first, low wage job after school. How can you start now, learning things that will help you in your second, third, and forth jobs after school?

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You should be taking that information and whatever you know from your own RPG experience, and info from this link to help figure out a way to turn this class and the projects we do in here into a RLRPG (real life role playing game).


8/24 Update: More on Gaming and the positive power of games (in moderation)

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    why do we care wether china and india have greater potenial? maybe its good for us to be last

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