Chasing the Dark- Week 3

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. 
Albert Einstein

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. 
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Chasing the dark. Both scientific/rational and spiritual/emotional minds agree (as seen above)- That the reason that the world is sometimes a rough place is not because of the bad things that happen, but because when bad things are being done, we don’t chip in to help. I believe that this is not only true for evil and society, but also within ourselves. We don’t lose to darkness because it overcomes our light… it’s because we don’t use our light.

Think of a really dark room. Completely black. Now light a candle in it. That candle chases away the dark. There’s no way to put more “dark” in the room so that it overcomes the candle. Dark can not overcome light because dark isn’t real. There is nothing called “dark.” Dark just describes the absence of light. Cold just describes the absence of heat. Evil just describes the absence of good. Lies and ignorance just describes the absence of truth. Laziness is the absence of a work ethic. But in all these cases, you can overcome the lack with the presence- any presence- of the substance.

I want you guys to chase the dark in your lives. Whether it’s lies, ignorance, “evil,” or laziness…Whatever the “dark” is that you have to fight. You can destroy a whole room full of dark with just one candle. Dark can NEVER overcome light… it can only scare the light into quitting. Like Garcia’s image above, we can’t let someone lay on top of our society and oppress us. We have to use our lights to chase away the dark.

What’s happening in your life where you’re having a hard time with dark scaring you into quitting?

Are you not happy with your performance in school or sports? Work.
Are you keeping a secret you feel guilty about? Confess.
Are you sad or depressed? Tell someone.

Like the old saying goes… “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Shedding light on a dark situation will start to kill it. But if you just let it float… it slowly rots you away from the inside out. Take a stand, or let the dark win. It’s up to you.

Journal Entry– Do you agree? Is all the bad in the world the result of good people NOT standing up to the dark? What about in your own life? (5 XP)

Today, while we still have many computers down, let’s work on Project 1.02 and experiment with line. If you want to do it on the computer, that’s fine… but if you want to do it on paper as well- feel free to do so since the lab is still getting electrical work done. (15xp)

When you get done you can move on to project 1.03. I’d prefer this be done on the computer if the lab is working.. if not, then complete on paper!

HEY PARENTS!! – Glad you could make it!  Here is the video I talked about with info on how fast the world is changing, and  this one is about the way schools have fallen behind and digital publishing is quickly becoming much more important than it already was. You may also be interested in the Parents Page to get some of the information that’s normally shared at the open house, The student page to get the rules and policies for the lab,  or the teacher’s page to find out everything there is to know about the program, my philosophies on education, WHY I teach like I do, and also to see the curriculum. is a peek into EXACTLY what happens here in the lab. Check out the daily blog on the front page to get info on what we’re talking about in terms of life skills… and then the projects page to see what we’re doing with the digital skills!

Grades are messed up as we’ve been having to modify projects. Will post updates next week to edline!

UPDATE 9/14- Hey guys!!! The lab is completed! Power is up everywhere! We have a couple computers down but most are working. EVERYONE SHOULD BE ON THEIR OWN COMPUTER. NO SHARING IN THE LAB! Everyone needs to be doing their own work. You can work together with a partner and help each other, but make sure everyone is doing their own work on their own computer.

Grades are messed up as we’ve not been on track. We’ll fix them next week, but as of now, everyone has a “b” and I’ll reprint grades next week. As long as you’ve been working and turn in all your work, you will have an “A”!

Here’s what you should have so far, should all be done by MONDAY:

Quest List:

  • Personality Research – (15xp)- Character Trait and Charity you believe in, Enneagramm number, and big 50 (from here)
  • Design The Design Process– (15xp)- Illustrate the Design Process (visually or verbally) (from here)
  • Logo Design – (15xp) – As mentioned on 9/1, and described in detail here.
  • Elements and Principles Research– (15xp)- as mentioned on 9/8 from week 2’s post.
  • Journal Entries – (5xp each)- week 2 on giving up. week 3 on chasing the dark.
  • Project 1.02 – (15xp) -Elements and Principles- LINE- from the post you’re reading!(scroll up)
  • Project 1.03– (15xp) -Elements and principles- SHAPE- from the post you’re reading (scroll up)
Have EVERYTHING from above? You’re doing great! Move on to Project 1.05-Element of Typography-Typographic Logo.

9/16 UPDATE– Hey guys!!! I’m writing from Pennsylvania where it’s a balmy 53 degrees!!! Miss you guys!! So, if you’re done with every project listed above, go to the Comm Tech 1 page and  just move forward! When you finish 1.05, go to 1.06. Done there??? Move to 1.07!!! Remember- there is no such thing as “done” in the lab!! The deal is I’ll never give you homework, but you have to be busy while you’re in the lab!


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