Catching Up… (Week 20&21)

Sorry to be so late to post… working furiously behind the scenes to get some technical problems with testing the CS5 exams. For you outsiders, we’ve been busy taking the Photoshop CS5 ACA exams to see where we were at- and we found we’re at the beginning! That’s good. We have the resources and the tools, and I expect all students to be proficient by quarter’s end. Students are working hard in the online lab to get things going.

So the Tech 1 students are cranking out the Photoshop Tutorials to prep for the ACA exam. Because we’re in exam mode, I want you guys to be less worried about technique right now and more worried about understanding the basic concepts and technical aspects of the program. Like any creative endeavor, first master the tool, then create something. Right now we’re still in the “safety” training of using the bandsaw. Master the tool. Then think of how to use it. Remember- Total Creative Freedom for all students that pass the ACA exam. The exam is designed to measure the basics you should know in Photoshop- so if you pass, then I want you to start stretching out your arms and learning to fly higher. Remember- if you’re interested in coming back next year, you’ve got to make it to the wall of fame. Just Imagine creating impressive artwork like Michael R’s Lennon/Moon image. That’s just the beginning.

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