Cash for Schoolwork

Ya know… I’ve offered this many times in the past, and I have no idea why you guys don’t take advantage of this oppportunity… Go to school, get your grade, AND get money. Yeah… Real money. Why don’t you guys ever do these projects?

As mentioned last week, there is a contest for anyone certified as an ACA in Photoshop. Bottom line- Create something cool- submit it to me, I upload it. If a lot of people like it, you get $500 at the apple store, a $2500 scholarship, and the creative suite worth at least $500. Why not enter? There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Since it’s blocked at school- Here’s the best competition right now from the facebook page.

If you enter and get more than 20 votes, it’s an automatic A… Look at the rules and you’ll see that’s easy to do. Just make sure your piece is WORTH entry. I don’t want anything lame representing our school!!! 🙂

For those that don’t want to try- you can keep working on Sony Acid this week… Just remember that you WILL have to do this entry. So get ACID out of your system and then get ready to ‘Shop your entry.

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